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Our Vision
To be a leading professional institution that epitomises
career success through facilitating knowledge excellence
and developing skills competence.



Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for those who seek accredited academic awards through our strategic alliance with accredited universities of global recognition.

To inspire and instill a sense of purpose and achievement for our students through the development of an industry-relevant and validated course curriculum. 

To adopt an efficient and effective process system that enables an effective learning experience of our students.

To work closely with the local educational authority, as well as other government agencies and comply with all regulatory requirements for responsible execution of our operations.





Our Core Values


Our core values, acronymed as SIPMM, are shown below:


represents our focus on our Students, by striving to meet their aspirations to attain professional success and guiding them towards overcoming their problems and difficulties.


represents our inclination towards Innovation, by providing an innovative learning experience where our students can excel in their studies.


represents our emphasis on Process, through implementing effective policy and efficient procedures that comply with all regulatory requirements.


represents our orientation towards Mentorship, through careful selection of our academic faculty with proven track record of career success and who are passionate in mentoring and guiding our students for their eventual career success.


represents our approach towards Maximisation, through the use of effective learning resources to maximise the potential of our students.